Relentless Learning is a 45 minute LinkedIn Live event that happens most Fridays at 12 pm (noon) pacific. The sessions provide huge value to our viewers because in each event there are two “big ideas” that are presented, one by the host, Larry Apke and another by the special guest. There is also adequate time for viewers to ask the host and special guests any questions about the materials presented. It’s like your very own free consultation session so plan on joining us every week!

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Upcoming Relentless Learning Schedule

4/12/24Kyle Aretae“Five incompatible goals in software.” and “Making decisions agile.”

Previous Relentless Learning with Links

4/5/24Clement Kao“Empathy Ignites Success: When we champion our customers’ success, they will champion ours.” and “Mind the Constraint. Simple Introduction to Theory of Constraints.”
3/29/24Chris Sims“How cognitive bias impacts a scrum team, and especially the PO.” and “It’s not just psychological safety for the team but for everyone involved.”
3/22/24Erika Lenz“Effective agile adoption requires you to think about change 3 times.” and “Success is a poor teacher. Failure is a master.”
3/15/24Larry ApkeHR in the VUCA world
3/8/24Ron Lichty“Exceptional User Experience? Make Your Mission a Mantra.” and “We don’t mind being wrong as much as we hate feeling wrong.”
3/1/24Tanner Wortham“What I learned about agility from my time in the Marines.” and “Empathy is Using Your Audience’s Metaphors.”
2/23/24Larry ApkeNavigating Finance in a VUCA World
2/16/24Rich Sheridan“Joy should be at the center of your company’s intention.” and “Schedule for Success. More Practical Tips”
2/9/24Marian Draganov“Using Erin Meyer’s Culture Map to improve communication and collaboration in a cross-cultural environment.” and “The Zero In Box – A Few Practical Types for Organizing Your Time.”
2/2/24Shehla Yamani“Before stepping into others’ shoes, we must first step out of our own” and “Scheduling for Success. The role of cadence in optimizing value delivery.”
1/26/24Mike Lyons“Agile is not a Mindset.” and “Assume You Are Wrong – VUCA Superpower.”
1/18/24Larry ApkeExclusive Live Seminar: Mastering Swift Value Delivery for Maximum Impact
1/5/24Damon Poole“From talking about Agile to talking about how we can benefit people while making far larger profits.” and “Your Backlog is Your Inventory – A Powerful Metaphor”
12/22/23Panel DiscussionA Special Panel Discussion on AI – Things you can do today and things you will do in the future.
12/15/23Alexander Frumkin“Self regulating system as an ultimate solution to the VUCA challenge.” and “Project Aristotle – We all know psychological safety, but what about the other findings.”
12/8/23Steve Ropa“The biggest reason for technical excellence that nobody talks about” and “Apke’s Third Law of Agile Transformation”
12/1/23Bill Lennan“The best team supervisors/managers/leaders willingly get uncomfortable to support their teams.” and “Apke’s Second Law of Agile Transformation.”
11/24/23Llewellyn Falco“System Thinking: Shared vs Split pain” and “Apke’s First Law of Agile Transformation”
11/17/23Brad Nelson“Today, we have the ability to continuously deliver software, so shouldn’t we also be continuously planning?” and “Getting Better = Getting Uncomfortable”
11/10/23Ian Nandhra“Leveraging the proven collaborative value of Machine Intelligence and Human Intelligence (the HiMi model) in Product Discovery and Development.” and “Metaphors As the Bridge to Seeing Differently”
11/3/23Ennis Lynch“Scenario Based Training for Scrum Masters” and “Leaders versus Managers”
10/27/23Dan Moody“Success is Counted Sweetest by Those Who Ne’er Succeed” and “The Counter Intuitive Nature of Knowledge Work”
10/20/23Charlie TriplettDigital accessibility is the key to unlocking innovation, every time.” and “Why What We See is the Key”
10/13/23Kyle Aretae“The PATh to Hours where PATh = Please And (Th)anks” and “Why Sequence Means Value”
10/6/23Aman Verma“Embracing AI: Unlocking a New Level of Productivity” and “The Magic of Relative Estimation.”
9/29/23Thomas Meloche“Apke’s Golden Rule of Agile” and “Agile Change Consistent with Agile Values.”