How Much Does it Cost?

Most folks aren’t fans of websites that are coy when it comes to pricing. The VUCA MBA class comes in two popular packages, small classes (up to 50 participants) and large classes (51-100 participants). Please contact us for other inquiries.

The class consists of three days of training / consulting. The classes can be held via zoom or onsite. We prefer onsite when available (subject to expenses), but a great deal of value can be had even using zoom.

The first two days are dedicated to the training materials. The final day is mostly given to custom consulting based on the needs of the organization and group being trained. The third day is often highlighted by taking the concepts about backlog management learned in the training and applying it to existing backlog(s). Many find the third day the most valuable because of the practical backlog exercise and customized consulting based on decades of Agile transformation experience.

Small Class (Up to 50)

Small Class (Up to 50)
$15,000*/3 days
  • * Plus expenses

Large Class (51 to 100)

Large Class (51 to 100)
$25,000*/3 days
  • *Plus Expenses

Contact Us for Even Larger Classes and Custom Coaching and Consulting

Contact Us for Even Larger Classes and Custom Coaching and Consulting

Training Testimonials

Thomas MelocheAgile Coach

I've observed repeatedly that the most enthusiastic and effective managers, leaders, and individual contributors I’ve worked with at large companies where Larry is teaching, had ALWAYS already attended Larry’s seminars. It is a game changer for changing how people think about and approach their work. Those who attended were also dramatically more likely to be successfully applying agile techniques.

Thomas Meloche Talks About the VUCA MBA

The Value of the Training

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